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Welcome... to the home-based office Desk of Ndifreke Atauyo, the self-made multi millionaire web designer in Calabar, Nigeria.

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NOTE: My 7 Days One-on-One Web Design Coaching, Mentoring, and Training Service is Available for Anyone in the World as Long as You Know How To Browse the Internet, Send eMails, Use Online Live Chat, Use Skype & Answer Phone Calls.

You'll discover step by step training how to build your first website and dramatically increase targeted traffic, conversions, leads and sales from your website. 7 Days One-On-One Live Coaching, Mentoring & Training with Ndifreke Atauyo. Register Now!

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Are you unemployed? Or... Are you employed but need multiple streams of income or extra revenue?

At http://www.bestsoftnigeria.biz - You need Web Design Skills to start making money online.

The World's #1 Web Design Training! - 7 Days One-On-One Live Coaching, Mentoring & Training with Ndifreke Atauyo. Register Now! |

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Web Design Industry is the most lucrative Industry in the world and every day over 6,000 Nigerian companies and individuals search Google for website designers to have their website designed for them for a fee. You can tap into this lifetime opportunity.

You'll DISCOVER the step by step training on Website Building using Joomla or WordPress CMS Quick Start Demo Installer and step by step how You can generate traffic, conversions, leads, and sales with your website.

I will teach you how to build simple websites click by click and make MONEY from it step by step.

Launch Your Dream Site Today!
Getting Online has never been easier. Start building your First Website now. Sign Up for a 7 Days One-on-One Training personally with Ndifreke Atauyo in his office in Calabar or Online Training via Live Chat / Skype if you are outside Calabar - your choice.

Discover the Secrets on How To Make Your First $1 online - The Step By Step Walk Through - My Number #1 Question Answered. Companies, Churches, Schools, Small Businesses are looking for YOU on Google.

Here's what you get when you sign up for Web Design Training.

It includes all what you need to start a web design business online or offline.

100% Money Back Guarantee. No Questions Asked. If you do not build your own website yourself at the end of this training - I will refund 100% of your money. And I will even write additional N250,000 cheque for you if you feel I'm wasting your time.

Yes, You CAN!

Become an Amazing Web Designer in 7 Days.
Get all the Training and Support you need to succeed.
Create beautiful and functional mobile friendly websites.
Get a well paid job as a professional web designer.
Make extra Money as a freelance web desinger in Nigeria.
Launch and grow a successful web design business in Nigeria.

The Skills you'll learn in this Live Training with Ndifreke Atauyo...

DAY 1 - 1 hour training

1. Domain Registration: Where & How to register your own domain name. It takes 30 seconds to learn this skill. e.g BestSoftCentral.com

DAY 2 - 1 hour training

2. Web Hosting: How to set up your web hosting account via Web Host Manager (WHM). It takes 25 seconds to learn the skill. e.g BestSoftNigeria.biz:2086, Bestsoft.com.ng:2082 & Web4Lagos.com:2095

DAY 3 - 1 hour training

3. Premium Templates/Themes: Where & How to download paid premium templates & themes to wow and blow your clients' minds for immediate leads generation and sales conversion. WordPress Themes or Joomla Templates.

DAY 4 - 1 hour training

4. Database Creation: How to create MySQL database, user and password via cPanel. It takes 13 seconds to learn this skill.

DAY 5 - 1 hour training

5. Clone/Demo Installer: Download, upload, extract & install your template or theme on your domain name. It takes 2 minutes 20 seconds to complete this task. e.g BestSoftNigeria.biz

DAY 6 - 1 hour training

6. Pages Creation: Create web pages; add text content, photos/images/graphics, videos, integrate social media. It takes 3 minutes to learn this skill.

DAY 7 - 1 hour training

7. Menu Navigation: Create Navigation menus and links to web pages. It takes 2 minutes to learn this skill.

8. Leads, Sales, Conversions, Traffic, SEO: Where & How to make sales in 5 steps. Discover The Simple Little Trick That Almost No One Uses To Get Unlimited Traffic From 5 simple steps. SEO - Search Engine Optimization Video & PDF courses.

9. Content Creation: Where and How to develop / write content for your web business and for your clients' websites.

What Does It Cost?
N50,000 one-time payment


NOTE: My 7 Days Web Design Training Support Service is Available for Anyone in the World as Long as You Know How To Browse the Internet, Send eMails, Use Online Live Chat, Use Skype & Answer Phone Calls.

To Register for my One-on-One Web Design Training please follow the instructions below!
Once we receive your payment - you will choose and schedule the 7 days; dates and the hours; time that will favour you for the training. You can be trained Online (Use Online Live Chat) if you leave outside Calabar or Live at my office if you are in Calabar, Cross River state.

Step 1: You will need to Pay a One Time Fee of N50,000 Naira to register for One-on-One Web Design Training with Ndifreke Atauyo!

If you will like to make payment through bank deposit or Internet Banking Transfer or Mobile Banking Transfer, you can use our bank account below:

Pay N50, 000 Naira at any branch of GUARANTY TRUST BANK (GTBank) into

Account Number: 004 313 4064

After payment send SMS notification to 08033911297 in this format:

PAID * Name * Email * Amount Paid * Date of Payment * Name of Bank

In case you will still like to speak with Ndifreke Atauyo as per the training, you can do that by calling his phone line: +234 803 391 1297.

You can also send email to us at hello@atauyo.com

Do not hesitate to make your payment right away and be part of this lifetime opportunity.

Check out photos from my Live Seminar of 22 Oct. 2016 at www.ndee.org/seminar/22oct2016

Check out photos from my Live Seminar of 24 Sept. 2016 at www.ndee.org/seminar/24sept2016

Check out photos from my Live Seminar of 16 July 2016 at www.ndee.org/seminar/16july2016


Ekpa Ekanem

Ekpa Ekanem traveled from Eket to Calabar to learn new tricks from Ndifreke Atauyo. Within 15 minutes of training, Ekpa became a professional web designer and has since launched several websites for his clients and customers in Eket, Akwa Ibom State and nationwide. Ekpa Ekanem is a popular FB Journalist and a self-made millionaire who owns Computer Training Institues in Eket.

Ubong Akwayo

Eyo Jonathan Ubong

Idoreyin Nkwak

Edidiong Ini-Kiddy Ekanem

Victor Ime Sampson

Victor Bemoh

See more latest updates of Success Stories from my ex-students on FACEBOOK at www.facebook.com/ndifreke.atauyo

Ndifreke Atauyo with his ex-students at BestSoft Nigeria Limited head office in Calabar, Cross River State.

Ndifreke Atauyo attending International Conference as keynote speaker & special guest of honour.

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One of my portfolio companies' websites: www.bestsoft.com.ng has over 1000+ clients and customers. Below are a few of the over 1000+ websites I've personally built for my clients and customers nationwide.































See you online!

Ndifreke Atauyo - CEO/Founder/Chairman, BestSoft Nigeria Limited - www.bestsoft.com.ng
Founder of Atauyo University - www.atauyouniversity.com

About The Author:

NDIFREKE ATAUYO is the CEO/MD, BestSoft Nigeria Limited (www.bestsoft.com.ng). He is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, consultant, researcher, mentor, & coach. He has personally made millions of naira from the Internet selling his digital products & services on his websites. In the last 5 years, his coaching students, clients & 1000+ satisfied customers nationwide have generated over N3.5 billion naira as profits from sales of their products and services on the Internet.

Ndifreke has personally worked with clients from major cities in Nigeria & some countries & also in major industries such as e-Commerce, Real Estate, Education, NGO, Healthcare, Publishing, Consulting, Legal, Religious, Oil & Gas, Media, Event Management, Construction, Travel & Tours, Housing & Rentals, Banking, Flight Agencies, Stores, Malls, Foundations, Small Businesses, Political Organizations, etc.

Ndifreke has acquired 15+ years of experience in Internet Marketing Business as an IT consultant & mentor with a tract record of achievements & outstanding results.

Above all, Ndifreke Atauyo believes in God and in His Word & Promises in Malachi 3:10-12, Isaiah 48:17.

Ndifreke Atauyo is the CEO & founder of BestSoft Nigeria & owns 20 highly profitable & successful online businesses & websites including:


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